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利用在音频和工程领域 30 多年的专业经验,我们开发了 Audiodo Personal Sound,因为我们希望所有人都能真正听到他们所听内容的美妙之处。




Audiodo Sweden
Skullcandy Indy ANC headphones
Clam Elite headphones

Who we are

Hej! We’re Audiodo. We’re a jolly group of innovators disrupting the standards of the audio electronics industry. The core of our character is rooted in a belief that good enough is never enough.

Our motivation is a passion for audio and a stark belief that everyone should have the chance to enjoy sound that has been perfected for them.

Our team is made up of choir singers, analog synth programmers, and hip-hop producers. Not all of us can play an instrument, but all of us know how to blend artistry with technology.

Why we’re here

It’s a big combo of things. We value our sense of hearing, love music, and find immense pleasure in solving technical challenges that seem unsolvable.

Using our collective 30+ years of expertise from both audio and engineering, we have developed Audiodo Personal Sound because we want all people to truly hear the beauty in what they’re listening to.

What we do

At Audiodo, we take what we have, puzzle it together, and create something entirely new. We are all unique individuals, with unique tastes and talents and we find that our contrasts are what help us create with ingenuity.

We have built what we’d like to call a full-stack team. We help our partners not only with product development and implementation, but also project management, marketing and PR. We are ready and able to help bring you the most succsessful products to market.